Workshop on Mining Migration Trajectories with R at the 3rd International Forum on Migration Statistics

Santiago, Chile, 24-26 January 2023


The IUSSP Scientific Panel on Lifetime Migration organized a workshop on “Mining migration trajectories with R” at the 3rd International Forum on Migration Statistics (24-26 January, Santiago, Chile). The workshop, led by IUSSP Panel co-chair Sergi Vidal (Centre for Demographic Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona), was attended by migration statisticians and scholars from a wide range of countries. The workshop was limited to 25 participants. 



The session covered the measurement of migration trajectories, typical methods to identify regularities in trajectory or sequence data, and efficient ways to describe and visualize migration trajectories using the free software R. During the session, participants discussed applications to understand a myriad of temporal processes, such as complex patterns of repeat and circular migration as part of individual life trajectories, or the overtime dynamics of migration stocks and flows across countries and regions.