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Members ratify Constitutional amendments

The amendments approved by the General Assembly in Cape Town have now been ratified by the membership. The new IUSSP Constitution is now in effect.


The vote took place from 20 November to 31 December 2017, using e-Ballot (the secure online voting system used for the recent IUSSP elections). The electoral list included 1,927 members, of which 970 participated in the vote. The participation rate was 50.34%.



  • 'Yes' votes (in favour of the Constitutional amendments): 866 (89.28%)
  • 'No' votes (against the Constitutional amendments): 8 (0.82%)
  • 'Abstain' votes: 93 (9.59%)
  • Blank votes: 3 (0.31%)


In accordance with article 18 of the previous Constitution (see below), the amendments are effective as of 1 January 2018.


Article 18.5. After approval by the General Assembly, proposed amendments shall be submitted to the members. The Secretary-General and Treasurer shall organise a secret ballot, and invite members to return ballot forms within a period of six weeks. If at that date fewer than half the votes have been cast, the Secretary-General and Treasurer shall once again invite members who have not cast their votes to return their ballots within a further period of six weeks. At that date the ballot shall be closed, and the votes counted. An amendment shall become operative if a majority of votes have been cast in its favour.