New IUSSP Panels for 2022-2025


Following the call for new IUSSP Panels disseminated in February 2022, the IUSSP Council approved the creation of 7 new Scientific Panels which will start their activities between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.


These new Panels are:

  • Armed Conflict and Demographic Impacts, with a special focus on the war in Ukraine, co-chaired by Cynthia Jane Buckley and Oksana Mikheieva
  • COVID-19, Fertility, and the Family, co-chaired by Natalie Nitsche and Joshua Wilde
  • Declining Mortality and Multi-morbidity at Death, chaired by Aline Désesquelles
  • Epidemics and Contagious Diseases: The Legacy of the Past, chaired by Tim Riswick
  • Lifetime migration, co-chaired by Aude Bernard and Sergi Vidal
  • Population dynamics under global conflict and climate change, chaired by Raya Muttarak
  • Rethinking family planning measurement with a reproductive justice and rights lens, co-chaired by Elizabeth Sully and Ilene Speizer


An additional new Panel which was established directly by the IUSSP Council is the Panel on Early Career Perspectives, whose members are all in their early career and whose overall objective is to increase the inputs of early career colleagues in the activities of the IUSSP.


The Panels' steering committees, terms of reference and plan of activities will be progressively listed on the IUSSP website under Current Panels. These new Panels, along with those created by the previous Council, which are continuing or renewing, will help shape the IUSSP's scientific programme for the coming years. For more information on IUSSP Panels, read the Guidelines for IUSSP Panels