Online Applied Demography programs to be offered by the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) 


  • Applications Deadline: 1 July 2017
  • Launching: Fall 2017


Graduate Certificate and Masters in Applied Demography


The Penn State Department of Sociology and Graduate Program in Demography are pleased to announce the launch of an online Graduate Certificate and Masters in Professional Studies (MPS), offered through Penn State’s World Campus. Courses will be available in Fall 2017; we will be offering Principles of Demography and Demographic Techniques, as well as selected elective courses for the MPS. program. Application deadline for both of these programs is July 1, 2017. Both programs are designed for working professionals seeking to increase their knowledge of applied demographic topics and methods, enhance their careers, support organizational goals and objectives, and better understand and anticipate population changes. 


The Certificate is a 12-credit (four courses) program that provides an overview of concepts, measures/techniques, data, software, and practitioner-provided case examples used in both public and private sector applications. The four courses in the Certificate form the core requirements for the online MPS in Applied Demography. The online MPS in Applied Demography is a 30-credit (10 course) degree program that provides in-depth practitioner-developed knowledge materials and data and method learning exercises in business demography, public sector and non-profit demography, and health demography. Students will complete their MPS with a capstone project where they will apply the applied demography perspective to a subject relevant to their professional goals. For more program and application information please contact the Penn State World Campus or Dr. Alexis R. Santos, Director, Applied Demography Program (