Seeking to increase the involvement of members in IUSSP activities


Essentially all scientific, training and leadership activities of the IUSSP (the IUSSP Council, members of scientific panels, the writing of many of the articles for the N-IUSSP News Magazine…) are carried out by members who generously give their time on a volunteer basis. The IUSSP is seeking ways to expand the range of opportunities for members who wish to become involved in our various activities. More specifically:


  • We hope to find, first, a volunteer leader of member activities who would work closely with the bureau and secretariat to develop a general approach for involving members in a wider range of IUSSP activities, and afterwards who would keep an eye on those activities to ensure that they conform to the IUSSP mission.

  • Writing essays for the quarterly IUSSP Bulletin. This might include, among other things, interviewing prominent demographers on their professional lives and their hopes and concerns regarding our discipline, interviewing junior scholars or graduate students from different regions about how they think training in the population sciences should be revised or how they hope the discipline to evolve in future years, or writing short essays on other topics of interest to the membership (emerging issues of interest to demographers, how donors’ funding approaches are changing, etc.). 

  • Updating scientific pages on the IUSSP website, for example, on Demographers’ contributions to the understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic or on Demography and the Data Revolution (innovations in data and methods). Or proposing and then taking charge of updating new pages on other thematic issues of interest to demographers.


All volunteers must be functional in English and fluent in either English or French, have an international outlook (e.g., be willing to work on issues of interest to different regions), and be members of the IUSSP. The Council will review all volunteers' proposals. If you are interested in becoming involved in one of these activities, please communicate with Paul Monet at