Call for Papers:


Session on the Geography of Family and Household Changes 

at the 2024 International Geographical Congress 

Dublin, Ireland, 24-30 August 2024

Deadline for submission: 12 January 2024


Session abstract:
This session aims to present research contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of the geography of changes in family and household composition since the 1960s (marriages, divorces, nonmarital cohabitation/births, single-parent household, age at first marriage/child…).


Theoretical and empirical studies on these contemporary changes in family behaviour and household composition are extensive, and the different aspects explored by the literature are very varied. The geography of these changes is more rarely addressed. Despite growing interest in the spatial dimension over the last fifteen years or so, geographical knowledge on the subject remains limited and incomplete. Interestingly, the spatial dimension studies allow for rich analyses of the emergence of family changes, their spatial diffusion, the impact of regional and local contexts, and are appropriate to compare the existing theories. Studying the geography of family and household changes contributes to a global understanding of these phenomena.


This session is open to research focusing on the spatial dimension of a phenomenon relating to the family or household composition, whatever the study area, the scale adopted or the methodological approach. Without being exhaustive or exclusive, presentations may focus on the following elements: the study of the spatial patterns of phenomena and the explanatory factors underlying these structures; analysis of spatial dynamics, i.e. the way in which the spatial patterns of a phenomenon are changed (or not) over time, through a spatial diffusion for example; the role of the local territorial context on individual family behaviours; or the influence of migration.


Paper submission:

Abstracts (maximum 250 words) must be submitted on the IGC 2024 platform.

  • Call for abstracts closes: Friday 12 January 2024
  • Notification of authors: Monday 19 February 2024


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