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Share your research data on adolescents


The Population Council recently launched The Girl Innovation, Research, & Learning (GIRL) Center, a global research and thought leadership hub that generates, synthesizes, and translates evidence on adolescent girls. The GIRL Center works to ensure that policies and programs that aim to improve the health and well-being of adolescent girls are based on rigorous research and high-quality evidence.


The GIRL Center is building an Adolescent Data Hub, a global portal where researchers and organizations can share and gain access to high-quality data on adolescents and young people. Currently, the Adolescent Data Hub includes Population Council data on approximately 200,000 adolescents and young people.


We are now expanding the Adolescent Data Hub to include data from other institutions, and are calling all researchers and organizations with data on adolescents to share them in the Adolescent Data Hub. We seek data on girls and/or boys aged 10-24 years from any geographic location. For more information on sharing data with the GIRL Center’s Adolescent Data Hub, please see our Data Sharing Procedures or contact us at