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Tips for preparing the host country bids for the 2021 International Population Conference


Deadline: 15 March 2017


Even as we prepare to open the Call for Papers for the 2017 International Population Conference, we are already working on plans for IPC 2021. It takes time to organize and raise funds for a large conference such as the IPC; many conference venues are booked 5-6 years in advance. The IUSSP Council thus decided to move the bid and selection process up by one year to give the selected hosts more time to prepare. This means bids are due at the IUSSP Secretariat by 15 March 2017. We plan to announce the 2021 Conference host during the 2017 IPC in Cape Town, South Africa.


Given our long experience organizing the International Population Conference we have learned a few things over the years that will help potential host country members put together a successful bid. Here is some advice and tips on resources to help those considering a bid. 

1. First, please read the IUSSP information on Conference requirements and use this to prepare your budget and proposal. Make sure your bid proposal addresses all the requirements. If a requirement cannot be met, explain why and how you might compensate. 

2. Contact the local convention bureau or tourism office in the cities considered as a potential venue. They have professional staff who will help you-- free of charge -- prepare a bid and budget for the Conference, provide you with information on conference centres, hotels, and other services needed to organize the conference, and give you an accurate estimate of costs for those services, as well as possible sources of financial support.  Many have funds to support site visits and organizational meetings.  They can also put you in contact with alternate venues such as University campuses and conference hotels.

3. Consider alternate venues. The IPC has usually been organized at a convention center, but other venues are also possible – a conference hotel or university campus can be a good, cost-saving alternative.    

4. Mobilize a broad network of individuals and organizations. If you are based in a university or research centre, reach out to government ministries, NGOs, international organizations, and the private sector in the process of developing your bid. If you are based in a government agency, make sure to include demographers and other population researchers from universities in the process.  

5. Finally, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the IUSSP Secretariat or Secretary General and Treasurer France Meslé, who will be glad to learn of your proposal and can answer questions or clarify requirements in the bid proposal.  


I encourage you to consider organizing the IPC – it is a great way to draw attention to population issues of policy relevance and research at the national and international level, strengthen relationships between organizations working on population issues in the host country, and to connect with IUSSP members from around the globe. 


Mary Ellen Zuppan, IUSSP Executive Director and Secretary for the International Population Conference.


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