Demography of Gender Bias

Training workshop organized by Centre for the Study of Regional Development, JNU & the Institut de recherche pour le développement
20-24 March 2017, JNU, New Delhi.

Deadline for applications: 20th February 2017


Course Objective: This workshop provides training in the measure, understanding, analysis of the demographic gender bias as well as of its consequences and the policy response. It will focus on sex imbalances at birth in South Asia (prenatal sex selection), but will also examine other forms of gender bias and the situation elsewhere in Asia and Eastern Europe. Sessions, group discussions, special lectures, and project work will give participants an opportunity to work through the full range of analytical skills required to assess and interpret gender bias.


Eligible participants: Graduate students in social sciences with interest in demography or gender studies/Junior faculty from national academic institutions/NGO and government professionals working in the field of gender equity/International students, academics and professionals from the region.


Organization committee: Dr. Christophe Z Guilmoto (IRD/Ceped), Prof. K James (CSRD/JNU), Dr. Nandita Saikia (CSRD/JNU).

Application details: