Event: ERIA/OECD/IUSSP joint workshop on "Promoting Active Ageing in Southeast Asia"


Location: Meeting Room at the International Science Council, 5 Rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75116 Paris, France


Organizer: ERIA, OECD and IUSSP


Date: 22-24 April 2024


Description: The project “Promoting Active Ageing in Southeast Asia” will assess how active ageing policies in Southeast Asian countries may improve health status, raise employment, limit future ageing-related expenditure and reduce care needs. During the workshop, the preliminary results of the analysis conducted by both the project members of the OECD in Paris and researchers from Asian countries will be presented and discussed. Specifically, based on the data provided by researchers/government officers in ASEAN member states and available survey data in Southeast Asian countries, three aspects of present and future ageing population will be examined, namely, demographic, economic and employment trends, restrictions on work capacity at older ages, and health and social protection to ensure active and healthy ageing. In addition, the project will assess the impact of an ageing population on society in the future in terms of the projected number of working life expectancy among older adults by 2050. Several scenarios will be used to estimate possible economic gain/loss from the projected number of working life expectancy based on results from analysing longitudinal survey data available in Asian countries.

(invitation only)