The IUSSP organises the International Population Conference once every four years in collaboration with a host country institution. This is a major international event that draws population specialists, policy makers, academics and government officials from around the world to present the latest population research and discuss pressing global and regional population issues.

The host country organiser is expected to handle local arrangements and costs for the Conference. Costs range between 2-3 million USD depending on costs of services and facilities in the host country.  See the IUSSP Conference Planning Guidelines for detailed requirements.

Host country organisers can be governmental or private institutions, a national population association, or a group of institutions. A multi-country collaboration can also be proposed.

The Conference is governed by an International Organising Committee (IOC) chaired by the President of the National Organising Committee (NOC). The IOC is composed of IUSSP Council members, 3-4 representatives of the NOC, and 2 ex officio representatives from of the United Nations (UNFPA and UN Population Division).

A proposal should include a description of host country facilities and how the host country will organise the event making sure to address all host country requirements listed in the guidelines; a budget of host country costs; and, a list of secured and potential donors to support the bid and/or a fundraising plan.