Your career
after a PhD?

Three networking meetings organized by and for early career scholars in the population field.



Wednesday 24 November 2021


These three networking meetings were organized by the IUSSP Early Career Taskforce and held in Gather.Town at three different times to accomodate members in three large regions: Asia & Pacific (5:00 UTC), Europe & Africa (14:00 UTC) and the Americas (16:00 UTC). 

The meetings were aimed at early career population scientists (up to ca. PhD+5) seeking to expand their professional network and improve their understanding of their prospective labor market. 

The goals of the networking meeting were to:

  • Identify challenges and opportunities in early career, both in and outside academia.
  • Sharepositive and negative experiences with fellow population scientists who are a few steps ahead.
  • Build an international network of fellow early career scientists.

The three regional 90-minute sessions divided into two parts:

  1. Short introductions of the presenters, who highlighted the most important challenges and opportunities in their particular line of work.
  2. Small-group open discussions with the presenters, who were able to answer questions, share tips and exchange about their experience of the labor market.

To facilitate interaction, the number of participants included in each session was limited to those who registered in advance. 


Nico van Nimwegen
Secretary General and Treasurer, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)



Dr. Jenny Garcia
Institut national d’études démographiques (Ined) – Paris, France


Dr. Pavel Grigoriev
Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB) – Wiesbaden, Germany


Dr. Adrien Remund
Population Research Centre, University of Groningen – Netherlands


Presenters, Asia & Pacific - 5:00 UTC

6:00 Paris | 7:00 Cairo | 8:00 Moscow | 8:30 Tehran | 10:30 New Delhi
12:00 Shanghai | 14:00 Tokyo | 16:00 Canberra | 18:00 Auckland​

Dr. Aparajita Chattopadhyay
International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai


Dr. Collin Payne
School of Demography - Australian National University, Canberra


Dr Nandita Saikia

International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai



Dr. Shalini Verma
United Nations Development Programme, New Delhi


Presenters, Africa & Europe - 14:00 UTC

9:00 New York | 14:00 London, Dakar | 15:00 Paris, Lagos
16:00 Helsinki, Cairo, Cape Town | 17:00 Moscow, Nairobi | 19:30 New Delhi

Dr. Ridhi Kashyap
Associate Professor of Social Demography, University of Oxford


Dr. Adam Lenart
Lead Data Scientist at Novo Nordisk Inc., Denmark


Dr. Felix zur Nieden
Federal Statistical Office Germany (Destatis), Wiesbaden


Dr. Abdoul-Moumouni Nouhou
GRADE Africa, Niger


Dr. Stephen Ojiambo Wandera
Lecturer, Department of Population Studies, Makerere University,


Dr. Arlette Simo Fotso
French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), Population and Development Research Centre (CEPED) and University of  Paris, Inserm
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Dr. Sergey Timonin
International Laboratory for Population and Health at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow


Presenters, Americas - 16:00 UTC
8:00 Los Angeles | 10:00 Mexico City | 11:00 New York | 12:00 Caracas

13:00 Rio de Janeiro | 17:00 Paris | 21:30 New Delhi​

Dr. Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez
Associate Professor, Fielding School of Public Health and Co-director of the UCLA California Center for Population Research (CCPR).
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Dr. Helena Castanheira
UN/ECLAC/CELADE-Population Division


Dr. Jamaica Corker
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle


Dr. Elizabeth Flores
Research and Knowledge Management Officer at Forum of International Solidarity Organizations from Migration (FORIM), France,


Mathias Nathan
United Nations Population Fund, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office
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Dr. Thomas Spoorenberg
United Nations Population Division, New York
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