IPC2021 Conference report and videos

XXIX International Population Conference, 5-10 December 2021


A report for the 2021 International Population Conference, which was held online last December, is now available, along with the evaluation report based on the post-conference survey of conference participants. Both of these documents will be used in preparations for the 2025 International Population Conference, which be held in Brisbane, Australia.


Access to the IPC2021 Conference platform where you can view the full video-recorded proceedings of the 2021 International Population Conference will be open to members until 1 December 2022. You can watch any of the 207 scientific sessions (over 300 hours of recordings) and browse over 300 posters. The virtual conference platform offers a wealth of recent scientific research, debate and discussion on population issues from around the globe that members can view and use for research and teaching. The sessions and posters are searchable by theme, author, or keyword, making it easy to find sessions and presentations on topics of interest. 


For more information on how to access the platform, read here. If you have any difficulty accessing the platform, please send an email to contact@iussp.org


To help you sift through the enormous offerings, IPC2021 chairs were asked to highlight sessions they would recommend because of the quality of the research presented and the discussion that followed. This list of sessions of particular interest is available in the January 2022 article on IPC2021.


A special thanks to UNFPA for providing support to IUSSP for the virtual Conference platform.