Social inequalities in multi-morbidity at death


Thursday 28 September 2023

11:00-12:30 UTC  

(7:00 New York - 8:00 Brasilia - 13:00 Paris / Cape Town   
16:30 New Delhi - 19:00 Shanghai - 21:00 Melbourne)


Webinar description:


This 2nd webinar organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Declining Mortality and Multi-morbidity at Death focused on socio-economic differences in multi-morbidity at death. It was structured around two talks, one by Tim Adair (University of Melbourne) and the by Paul Peters (Carleton University). 




Tim Adair, University of Melbourne


Inequalities in premature mortality from comorbidity clusters: Analysis of Census-linked multiple cause of death data in Australia


Paul Peters, Carleton University


Socioeconomic variations in multiple cause mortality using census-linked administrative data



To watch a recording of this IUSSP Panel's first webinar click here.


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