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Membership dues and member profiles


Membership dues:
IUSSP regular membership dues are set at €100 per year. This amount is always listed on first in the online dues payment form. Discounts which are available to members are listed on the payment form:


  • Discounts for multiple-year membership.
  • Discounts for members permanently residing in low- and middle-income countries employed by local institutions or government agencies.
  • Discounts for retired members.
  • Exemption of dues for members aged 80 and over.
  • Free for students.


New: At its first meeting, the new Council made three decisions, which we will implement in the coming days:

  • Free Student Associate memberships for ALL students (up to four years total). Until now, only students from low- and middle-income countries could register for free.
  • Fifty percent discounts for ALL retired members from low- and middle-income countries. The 50% discount was only for members from high-income countries.
  • Discounts for LOYAL members for the next IPC in Hyderabad rewarding those who have maintained their membership since the previous IPC in 2017.    


These discounts are based on the information provided in the membership registration form (and are verified by the Membership Officer).


The list of low-income and middle-income countries is updated regularly based on the latest available World Bank classification (IUSSP groups lower-middle income countries with low-income countries).


Membership begins on the day you first join. When renewing, payment of 1 year’s dues will add 12 months to the end-date of the current membership. Members are alerted to renew their membership before it expires as certain member benefits are conditioned by continuous membership (such as  discounts for the International Population Conference or eligibility for the IUSSP Laureate Award). There is a grace period of 6 months after expiration during which membership renewal will cover the past membership period that was owed and during which members retain their original annual renewal date. After the grace period the membership expires and members who join will have a new start date.




Member profiles:
All members have an IUSSP Member Profile accessible via the Membership Directory. It is initially filled with the basic information provided during registration but members are encouraged to further complete their profile to ensure they appear in searches using the various categories included in the membership directory search form (“Find a member”).