Egyptian Society for Migration Studies


University Of Ghana
Scalabrini Migration Center
CUNY Institute for Demographic Research
International British Business School
Center For Research On North America
University of Southampton

IUSSP Secretariat

International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

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Independent Researcher

This Panel aims at addressing scientific issues in the field of international migration through implementing a set of activities – scientific meetings, workshops, training, and research activities – in cooperation with relevant regional and international organizations, universities, and research centres. These activities will all aim to include broad representations of international demographers and other researchers and policy makers engaged in the study of international migration. Papers presented at its seminars and workshops will survey developments, trends, and prospects in international migration within all of the world’s regions, and present current and cutting-edge theoretical, methodological, and policy approaches.


The Panel tentatively aims to organize two seminars on “Conflict, Crisis and International Mobility” and on “Highly-Skilled Migrant Workers”; two webinars on “Irregular/Undocumented Migration” and “International Migration and Development at the UN: 2006 to 2013”; and a short Training Course on “Demographic Methods for Measuring International Migration”, to be held just before or after the 27th IUSSP International Population Conference, in Busan, Korea. During its mandate, the Panel will also send representatives and participate in various regional and international meetings on international migration.

Programme of activities

International Migration in the Middle East and North Africa after the Arab Uprising: A Long Term Perspective 

Cairo, Egypt, 22-23 April 2013