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Council and Committee on Nominations Elections


Elections for IUSSP Officers and Council members for 2018-2021 will take place from 30 July to 1 October 2017. This year, IUSSP Members are also invited to select candidates for the 2021 Committee on Nominations. 


To vote, log in on the link below using the username and password which were sent by email to members included in the electoral list (i.e. full members who were in good standing on 30 June 2017).




IUSSP election procedures


The electoral list includes all (full) members who were in good standing by 30 June 2017. 


Elections are now organized via the Internet, using a secure external online voting company, eBallot (formerly Votenet Solutions), an Internet voting service that provides online voting for a large number of associations and companies. Before the vote opens on 30 July, members will receive an email with their username and password so that they can access the ballot and vote.


The electoral procedure will be controlled by an Election Committee composed of Géraldine Duthé, Ann Moore and Julio Ortega.


The rules governing IUSSP elections can be found in Article 11 of the IUSSP Constitution.

Candidates for IUSSP Council


The Committee on Nominations nominated 2 candidates for each position on Council, including the two officer positions: the Vice President and the Secretary General and Treasurer. In the IUSSP Constitution, the Vice President succeeds to the President, who is therefore not elected directly. The ballot, however, will include a vote to elect the outgoing IUSSP President as Honorary President. 


Members were also invited to nominate additional candidates for Council. One additional candidate was proposed (with the required number of members in support of his candidacy) and will be added to the ballot.

Candidates proposed by the Committee on Nominations:

Vice President
(President Elect 2022-25)

(1 seat, two nominees)

Wang Feng 
(United States, China)
Shireen Jejeebhoy 
Secretary General and

(1 seat, two nominees)
Patrick Deboosere
Nico van Nimwegen
Council member
   for Africa

(1 seat, two nominees)
Ayaga Bawah 
Jean-Francois Kobiané
(Burkina Faso)
Council member
   for Asia and Oceania

(1 seat, two nominees)
Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi
Samir KC 
Council member
   for Europe

(1 seat, two nominees)
Mikko Myrskylä 
Clémentine Rossier
Council member
   for Latin-America

(1 seat, two nominees)
Wanda Cabella
Suzana Cavenaghi 
Council member
  for North-America

(1 seat, two nominees)
Irma Elo 
(United States)
David Lam 
(United States)
Council Member at large  (4 seats, 8 nominees)
Sajeda Amin
Samuel Clark
(United States) 
Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue
Edith Gray
Fernando Lozano
Letizia Mencarini
France Meslé
Zitha Mokomane


Additional candidate proposed by the membership:


Clifford Odimegwu (Nigeria), presented as candidate for Council member at large. 



- See also the list of candidates for the 2021 Committee on Nominations.