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Nominations for 2021 Council elections


Elections for IUSSP Officers and Council members for 2022-2025 will take place from 15 September to 27 October 2021. Following the procedure outlined in article 10 of the IUSSP Constitution, the Committee on Nominations has prepared the first list of candidates.


Candidates proposed by the Committee on Nominations
for the 2022-2025 Council:

Vice President
(President Elect 2026-29)

(1 seat, two nominees)

Jane Falkingham
(United Kingdom)
Laura Rodriguez Wong
Secretary General and

(1 seat, two nominees)
Nico van Nimwegen
Rebecca Sear
(United Kingdom)
Council member
   for Africa

(1 seat, two nominees)
Nkechi Owoo
Ndola Prata
Council member
   for Asia and Oceania

(1 seat, two nominees)
Edith Gray
Leiwen Jiang
Council member
   for Europe

(1 seat, two nominees)
Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak
Albert Esteve
Council member
   for Latin-America

(1 seat, two nominees)
Irene Casique
Marcela Cerrutti 
Council member
  for North America

(1 seat, two nominees)
Samuel Clark
(United States) 
Ann Moore
(United States)
Council Member at large  (4 seats, 8 nominees)
Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi
 (Iran Isl. Rep.)
Akanni Akinyemi
Aris Ananta
Shelley Clark
Géraldine Duthé
George Guiella
(Burkina Faso) 
Ignacio Pardo
John Santelli
(United States) 



– Read the Committee on Nominations’ report –


Members can make additional nominations of IUSSP members for the 2021 Council Elections. 

Deadline for additional nominations: 15 June 2021


  • Additional nominations must indicate which position the candidate is running for and if for a regional slate or Council-member-at-large slate.


  • Additional nominations must be seconded by at least fifteen current members of the IUSSP of at least five different citizenships and accompanied by the written acceptance and declared citizenship of the nominated member.


Please send all nomination materials to IUSSP Executive Director Mary Ellen Zuppan ( in one email entitled “Election 2021 - Nomination” (followed by the name of the candidate). Support letters can be scanned or attached as Word or PDF files, with electronic signatures.