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Adolescence and early adulthood is a period of key transitions in individuals’ lives, when rapid physical, social, psychological and economic development occur, as well as learning and skills building. During this period individuals acquire civil and individual responsibilities and rights, increasing autonomy and financial independence and assume citizenship roles. It is a period of involvement in romantic relationships and transitions into parenthood. The stage is set for adult life.


Adolescence and early adulthood are gaining in significance as the interval between childhood and the assumption of adult roles is lengthening. Moreover, the size of the adolescent and young populations will soon reach a historical peak in several less developed countries, with huge challenges regarding the services that these cohorts will require and the opportunities which must be created to meet their needs.


The goal of this panel is to advance understanding of transitions to adulthood in developing countries, focusing in particular on  issues that require further research: the interactions of events, the different paths taken by adolescents and young people—negative or positive—and their causes and consequences for their immediate and future life and well-being. For this purpose the Panel will organize two seminars: Violence in adolescence and youth in developing countries and Interactions in the transitions to adulthood: education, family formation, work, citizenship.

Programme of activities

International Seminar on Interactions in the transitions to adulthood: education, family formation, work, citizenship

Cape Coast, Ghana, 7-9 April 2014  -- Cancelled


International Seminar on Violence in Adolescence and Youth in Developing Countries.
New Delhi, India, 8-11 October 2012

Regional Seminar on Violence in Adolescence and Youth (Jornada Regional sobre Violencia en Adolescencia y Juventud)

Asunción, Paraguay, 22 May 2012