2021 Council and Committee on Nominations Election Results


The Election Committee has completed the examination of the votes and we are pleased to announce that the IUSSP members listed below have been elected and will join Shireen Jejeebhoy (elected in 2017) in January to serve on the 2022-2025 IUSSP Council.

Detailed results of the 2021 election can be read in the Election Committee's report.

Vice President (& President Elect 2026-29)Laura Rodriguez Wong (Peru) 
Secretary General and TreasurerNico van Nimwegen (Netherlands) 
Council member for AfricaNkechi Owoo (Ghana) 
Council member for Asia and OceaniaEdith Gray (Australia)
Council member for EuropeAlbert Esteve (Spain) 
Council member for Latin-AmericaIrene Casique (Mexico) 
Council member for North AmericaAnn Moore (United States) 
Council Member at large

Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi (Iran)
Akanni Akinyemi (Nigeria)
Shelley Clark (Canada)
Géraldine Duthé (France)


Tom LeGrand was elected Honorary President of the Union. 


2025 Committee on Nominations


There was also a vote to select members for the 2025 Committee on Nominations. Five members were elected:



The 2025 Committee on Nominations will be chaired by Tom LeGrand (Canada), the most-recently elected Honorary President (following the IUSSP Constitution article 10.3).



The election was held from 15 September to 27 October 2021. The electoral list included all (full) members who were in good standing as of 15 August 2021. The elections were conducted via the Internet and all votes cast were automatically tabulated by Association Voting, a third-party internet company which provides online voting services to many associations. 


The electoral procedure was controlled by an Election Committee composed of three IUSSP members appointed by the Council: Rajib Acharya (India), Wanda Cabella (Uruguay) and Gilles Pison (France).